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  • Bending and straightening

    Bending and straightening belong to the plastic forming of metal processing.  In such a process, an object is given the...
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    Gas cutting

    GAS CUTTING Oxygen metal cutting uses the phenomenon of intensive metal combustion in the oxygen-containing environment...
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  • Laser cutting

    LASER CUTTING Laser cutting is a modern metal working technology with parameters similar to traditional mechanical...
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    Machine cutting

    It is a basic method of producing machine parts, devices and other functional objects and articles. It consists of...
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  • Painting of metals

    PAINTING OF METALS In our company’s offer there is a possibility of powder and liquid painting of metals. The...
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    Shot blasting

    SHOT BLASTING This method is used to prepare the surface. Here, the stream of the abrasive material at high-pressure ...
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  • Welding

    WELDING The process of welding is about combining materials together by heating and alloying the materials in the...
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