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Metallurgical products

“PRO-FUND” Sp. z o.o. Sp. Kom. sells metallurgical products. We are in touch  with steel plants and their dealers. These contacts enable us to act quickly when our customers are in a need.
The qualified staff also helps in choosing the best materials according to their mechanical quality, chemical composition and the usage of a particular type of steel.

We cooperate with many companies in Poland. We care for our clients’ material needed for an individual order as well as materials needed for a large-scale orders. Our clients entrust us with the role of the primary supplier of the metallurgical products.

“PRO-FUND” Sp. z o.o. Sp. Kom. offers a wide range of metallurgical products made from carbon and alloy steel.

  • 1. Thin metal sheets cold rolled, thickness 0,5÷4,0 mm;
  • 2. Thin metal sheets and strip steel hot rolled, thickness  2÷5 mm;
  • 3. Thick and universal metal sheets hot rolled, thickness 6÷150 mm;
  • 4. Engraved metal sheets
  • 5. Coiled wire rod, smooth and ribbed, 5,5÷10,0 mm;
  • 6. Round bars, drawn, 3÷50 mm, from carbon and alloy steel,
  • 7. Round bars, hot rolled 10÷250 mm;
  • 8. Round bars, hammered 50÷600 mm;
  • 9. Square bars, drawn 3÷12 mm;
  • 10. Square bars, hot rolled  10÷60 mm;
  • 11. Square bars, hammered 50÷500 mm;
  • 12. Flat bars, drawn 3×25÷7×50 mm;
  • 13. Flat bars, hot rolled 6×100÷40×150 mm;
  • 14. Flat bars, hammered, 30×500÷70×900 mm;
  • 15. Seamless tubing 4,0×0,5÷508×30 mm;
  • 16. Seamed tubing 6,0×1,0÷168,3×7,1 mm;
  • 17. Tubing with square and rectangular diameter;
  • 18. Sections, hot rolled: channel sections, angle sections, tee sections, l-sections,
  • 19.  Iron and steel castings.

Products that we offer have metallurgical certificates and quality seals of approval. We also conduct additional testing of the indicated parameters if asked by the client.
We invite to cooperation.

Contact Details

Edyta Samulak
e-mail: e.samulak(at)
tel. no. 17 8731704
fax 17 8731710
Małgorzata Zarzyczny
e-mail: m.zarzyczny(at)
tel. no. 17 8731705
fax 17 8731710


„PRO-FUND” Sp. z o.o. Sp. kom. Szypowski 1 Street, 39-460 Nowa Dęba, NIP 813-35-69-66.
WYROBY HUTNICZE (METALLURGICAL PRODUCTS) Hoffmanowej 19 Street, 39-016 Rzeszów, fax 17 873 17 10